Fighting For Your Rights Is
Fighting For Your Future

Protecting Your Rights Even After A Guilty Verdict

The legal process does not end after the verdict. If there were errors made during your trial or the investigation and prosecution of your case, you may have grounds for an appeal. An attorney experienced in handling appeals, like Kevin Malia, can review your case and identify any legal errors that may have affected the outcome.

A Conviction Is Not The End Of Your Story

When your trial ends in a conviction, it is natural to feel defeated and even hopeless. But you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to pursue every possibility for a different outcome.  The appeal process is complicated, and you need a dedicated, experienced attorney with a background in post-conviction work to represent you.

Kevin Malia Doesn’t Give Up Easily – Neither Should You

You deserve a fair trial, and if your original trial didn’t meet that standard, Kevin Malia will aggressively pursue justice on your behalf. Don’t pass up a final opportunity at freedom. Contact the Law Offices of Kevin P. Malia  by using this email form, or reach him at 847-852-7373 to arrange a free consultation.