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Shirley S.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Malia a few years ago when I needed an attorney. Every step of the way, he was helpful, compassionate, responsive, and most important, extremely competent. I would not hesitate to hire him again and would recommend him without reservation.

Tommy L.

Kevin Malia is hands down the best attorney that I have ever hired. I am not an in court law understanding person of real high level, but Kevin always made sure that he explained things, why we were doing the things we did, and everything in between. He genuinely cares about his clients, and most definitely has their best interest in mind. When you hire Kevin Malia, you’re hiring you best chance at a positive outcome for your case, bar none.

Michael B.

I worked with Kevin Malia over a significant period of probationary time and  I will share that he is the consummate professional, has amazing legal insight into important matters and provides an exceptional knowledge of the law and the court system. You could NOT ask for a better or more capable legal representative at any cost. He is always on top of your matter and provides exceptional guidance and suggestions for you to resolve your legal matter(s) for a beneficial end result.

Joanie H.

Kevin is kind and dedicated and so easy to work with.  Our experience with him made our life just easier. I would look no further. I feel like I know I can count on them for anything from simple to complicated. Kevin has even gone out of his way to give advice over the years when needed.

Darrel S.

Kevin Malia represented our son on two separate occasions. In both instances he was very professional and was able to navigate the legal system extremely well.  In our opinion, Kevin and his firm did an outstanding job meeting our needs. Even after our son was sentenced, he has continued to go the extra mile, answering questions and following up on issues as they arise. We feel it would be difficult to find an attorney with more integrity than Kevin.

George G.

Kevin did a great job in representing us. He was thorough, responsive and experienced. He knew the area of law in which our case pertained and he knew his way around the Lake County court system. If I need representation again, he’ll be the first one I call.

Mary B.

Very easy to work with . Kevin explained everything to me and my son and made sure we understood before moving forward. It was a long process, and Kevin did a wonderful and professional job .