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Clear Your Record

In some cases, criminal records can be expunged or sealed. Whether a prior case qualifies for expungement or sealing is complicated, and you should contact an attorney before beginning the process. Kevin Malia can assist you in getting your record clean.

Being arrested for a misdemeanor or felony, or even being ticketed for an ordinance violation can have consequences on your criminal record. For many employers and schools, a background check is now standard practice. In the information age, every type of case can be potentially discovered by schools, employers, or governmental agencies.

Even when a case is dismissed or an individual is acquitted, potential employers and schools can still discover the arrest. Kevin Malia can help you expunge or seal prior arrests, dismissals, supervisions, and in some cases, convictions. He knows the law and what is needed to clear your record.

Move Forward With Kevin Malia’s Help

By expunging or sealing your prior record, you can significantly decrease the chances that mistakes from your past will negatively impact your future. Contact an attorney that knows how to help you do that.  Contact Kevin Malia at 847-852-7373 or by e-mail for a free consultation.